Member Testimonials

Brett Bohn - Feb 2017

If anyone has been wondering about the jiu jitsu journey or what it is all about I encourage you to give it a try. It WILL teach you more than just how to defend yourself in battles. You will develop discipline, patience, more self-esteem, and overall better life.

All the coaches and students at Burlington are top notch and each one brings in a different way to help you get where you want to be, not only on the mats but in life in general. Stop out and give it a try, and make some new friends along the way.

Robert Streske - Feb 2017

My little man loves it here. He has been there for 2 months now and has learned a lot. The instructors really give each child special attention. Great place! Great Instructors!

Angela Watson - Dec 2016

Everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I love the passion the instructors have and quality of care each student receives. After only 2 visits my daughter said,"Sign me up." This is the place to come to learn self defense against bullies, self-confidence, self-esteem, focus, and discipline that all apply not only for a child but flows over into adulthood.

Dennis Dyon - Oct 2015

Great coaches great people if you're interested in jujitsu I would highly recommend going to veneration BJJ in Burlington.

Erik Litviak - Sep 2015

Veneration BJJ is a great addition to our community. Coach Nick, and Meliane are as good as they come. If you are looking for a program for your kids or wanting to get into shape yourself I would highly recommend stopping in and speaking with them. Perfect for anti bullying , self defense and a all around great family atmosphere. My son Mak has been in it for almost a year and he loves it!

Amber Itzenhuiser - Mar 2015

So proud of what BJJ has taught my children! Coach Nick Riggle is amazing, and my 5 year old son looks up to him as if he were a king! If I had to chose one person for him to look up to as he does it would be Military, and family man Nick Riggle! Thank you Melanie Riggle and Nick Riggle for the amazing program you brought to Burlington! :)